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We Have Entertained Stars, Corporate Giants and people just like you. We have done our Magic for Hundreds of thousands of people at Corprate Events, Casinos, NightClubs, Amusement Parks, Theatres for over 20 years with Rave reviews!

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We have Shows and Costumes for any Theme.

Custom Shows for any length of time and number of people.
Let us be the Life of your next party!
Inspirational Speaking Available for your Corporate Team!

We are Now based in Tampa, Fl at 4913 Bay Crest Dr. Tama , FL 33615 Phone:727-259-1276
Corporate Events and Parties
Christmas Parties - Trade Shows
Hospitality Suites

Stage Magic

Large Stage Illusions
Done in Vegas and Reno
For Audiences 100 - 30,000 people
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Acts Done in Comedy Clubs, Trade Shows with a Large Booth
and Amusement parks and User/Client Conferences
For Audience sizes of 10-500


Master of Cards, Coins and Humor
Sophistcated Close-up Magic
I fool other Magicians in this genre! My job for over 10 Years was to Entertain other Magicians at the Magic Castle in Hollywood
Great for Trade Shows! Audience sizes - from 1 - 50


Sweet Corn




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Feature Content and Videos
AAA Magic Videos and content

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Comments from people that came to our shows:

(if you are logged into facebook, the links will take you to that person's profile and you can ask them yourself about my magic)

Peter Diamond obviates 40 years of hard work. Peter Diamond is the best coin worker in America.
-Rocco Silano - Magic Icon and Legend

5 stars

Amazing brother! Love your magic, -Mon Dre Las Vegas Headlining Magician

Peter Diamond is the best up close magician I have ever seen. He and his dazzling assistant Ruby Diamond will give you the most fun evening you've had in a long time. -Rex Mantooth

5 stars

I've seen quite a few magicians in Vegas and Los Angeles and this was amazing. Peter Diamond was incredibly impressive, this isn't your average magic show, these are incredible demonstrations of slight of hand like I've never seen. Highly recommended and I will bring people back. -Chris Wilson

5 stars

Thanks for the show Peter - It was great!
- Paul Toomey, President, Geographic Solutions

This was the most entertaining event our company has ever had at the holiday party. He did table side magic and then a full show after dinner. It was fantastic. Peter is funny and entertaining. Highly recommend! - Shawn Marsh

Peter Diamonds magic show was awesome. He did so many tricks and I couldn't figure out how he did any of them. He absolutely blew my mind. It almost seemed real -Justin Bonnett

5 stars

Dr. Peter was awesome, his up-close magic skills need to be experienced to be fully appreciated. He was a true professional and very gracious to my family -Richard A Alexander


Peter and Ruby are entertaining and attending their magic show is a wonderful way to spend a Saturday evening! -Cindy Hansen Campos

5 stars

Amazing, funny, and always something new! Never disappointed. -Ken Robbins

5 stars

What a good show! He tied old classic magic tricks with new ones. -Caridad Mora

5 stars

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Magician Tampa - The Sophisticated Magic of Dr Peter Love Diamond and Ruby We Entertain at Parties, Hospitalty Suites, Trade shows, Corporate Events, Night Clubs All Around the World. We can come to your event! Call 727-259-1276 for a free quote.

A Trick from the close-up Magic portion of the show:

Magically Entertains at your corporate Events, Trade Shows, Hospitality Suites, Meetings and Inspirational Sales Events. I have worked for B of A, Microsoft, Microfocus and many other corporations at many events.

I have also worked at the Stardust, the Sahara, and the Hilton in Las Vegas.
I have performed at countless Private Celebrity Events. I have also worked at Comedy Clubs and Amusement Parks around the country.

I also had my caricature on the Wall of Fame at the World Famous Magic Castle in Hollywood from 1998-2011 and I have been a performer there since 1992.

Highlights of My Magic Resume:

1993 COMDEX Trade Show Booth for Microfocus Corporation - Close-up and Parlor Stage Performances
1994 Bank of America Los Angeles headquarters Christmas Party Parlor Show
1997 Marshall and Swift National User Conference 1 Hour Show.
1998 Marshall and Swift National User Conference 1 Hour Show.

1998 Ford Motor Company Ford Focus Rollout - live webcast 1 hour of Magic for the webcast - Paramount Studios Hollywood.

1997 - 2001 House Magician at Casita Del Campo Restaurant, SilverLake Califronia Fridays 7-9 pm
1996 - 2001 House Magician at Diablos, Vertigos (different names for the same Nightclub) 11pm-1 AM Fridays.
2000-2001 House Magician at El Compadres Mexican Restaurant (Accoss the street From the Sunset Grill) Hollywood, CA.

Magic Castle Wall of Fame Caricature 1997
Magic Castle Close up room week of week ofAugust 26th, 1999
Magic Castle Close-up Room August 2001

2003 Scherwin-Williams Trade Show Booth.
2003 House Magician Old Absinthe House New Orleans
2003 House Magician - The Blues Club - New Orleans, LA.
2003-2006 Headliner Chamber of Magic Orlando 7 nights 2 shows 1 hour parlor shows. 8 months a year.
2004 Microsoft Management Meeting New York - Parlor Show
2005 - 2006 House Magician - Legend Brewery Richmond Virginia 3 months a year

2003-2008 House Magician Gaspars Grotto Ybor City Florida weekly 2 hours
2006-2013 House Magician at G-Bar - Ybor City once a week Fri 11pm-1am
2006-2009 House Magician at 'The Social' Nightclub Ybor City.
2006-2009 House Magician at HoneyPot Nightclub Ybor City once a week Sat 11pm-1am
2005-2009 House Magician at Pastinos Italian restaurant Fridays 7-9pm
2007-2008 House Magician at Castaway's Sunday Brunch 11am-2pm

2016 Geographic Solutions User Conference - Close-up Magic at Cocktail reception
2016 Tricks Theater Monthly 1 hour Parlor Shows
2016 Magic Emporium Masters of Magic 1 hour Parlor Show
2016 Surgical Associates Christmas Party 1 hour Parlor show.
2017 Tampa Bay Rays Casino Charity Event 2 hours close-up Magic

2017 Magic Emporium Masters Of Magic 1 hour Parlor Show
2017 Twice Weekly shows at Diamond's Magic Island 1 hour parlor shows and 1 hour close-up

2017 November Winner 2nd Place Close-up Magic Daytona International Festival of Magic
2017 November Winner Third Place Stage Competition Daytona International Festival of Magic

2018 Oldsmar Cares Charity Event - Close-up 1 hour.

2018 November Winner 2nd Place Strolling Magic - Daytona International Festival of Magic

2019 November Winner 2nd Place Strolling Magic - Daytona International Festival of Magic
2019 November Winner 2nd Place Close-up Magic - Daytona International Festival of Magic
2019 December Geographic Solutions Holiday Party - 360 people in attendance
2019 December City of Treasure Island Tree Lighting